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The Peoples Assembly Against Austerity (PAAA) is a non-party political movement formed to fight all government spending cuts nationally, regionally and locally in the UK. Anyone can join no matter what political party/group or trade union (if any) you belong to; if you are against cuts then you are with us!

The blog is for:

  • Promoting/discussing Peoples Assembly meetings and events
  • Local Politics
  • Current Events

Basically, if anyone wants to get anything off their chests and be heard (well, seen), this is the place to do it!

Join, Comment and Contribute!

If you want to contribute to this blog, make sure you create a wordpress account and drop me an email at matthew_599@msn.com  Tell me a bit about yourself and why you wish to blog here. Ideally you will be active in the local peoples assembly/coalition of resistance, attended the Peoples assembly in London or are involved in local politics.

Got an event you need to publicize?

Send the relevant info and pics to matthew_599@msn.com and I’ll stick it on the events page.

Be sure to check out the Facebook page for other Peoples Assembly related news and events:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peoples-Assembly-North-East/100697570123803?fref=ts 

We are @peepsassemblene on Twitter, follow and RT.

Our new Email Address is peoplesassemblyne@gmail.com

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