Look out for The Peoples Assembly Live Blog!

Not bad for 5 minutes on Paint...

Not bad for 5 minutes on Paint…


During the Peoples Assembly in London on June 22nd (this Saturday) I will be live blogging all day (If my phone battery can take it) from my ridiculously early train at 04:45 until I die from a mixture of sleep deprivation and political ferve.

I will be adding pictures, videos, observations and opinions all day; and I want you to get involved whether you are there or not. Tell me what you are doing at the Assembly and why you registered, if you aren’t there tell me what you think about the event.

I’m also looking for feedback on the National Peoples Assembly so we can learn how to make the Newcastle Peoples Assembly on Saturday September 14th even better!

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We also have an exciting message from Sky Tyne & Wear:

Hi everyone,

We’d like to do a piece about all the North East people going down to the People’s Assembly.

We can’t get down ourselves but we’d like to get all your videos from the day on the site.

All we want is 1 second from each of you taken on your iphones which we’ll put together in a “60 second snapshot” of what’s been happening.

This is a quick example below of the kind of thing we are going for… but obviously all centred around the Assembly and what you’re all doing there!

The email address is on the day is tyneandwear.bskyb.com – you’re most exciting, thrilling second of the day would be fabulous!! If it’s a bit more than a second don’t worry we can trim it down!

Hope you can all help!

Jenny Wotherspoon, Sky Tyne & Wear

Here is an example.


About farmerg13

22, Media Production Graduate (Sunderland Uni) from Hebburn, South Tyneside. North East Peoples Assembly and Coalition of Resistance Media & Communications Officer. Active in Hebburn South Labour Party. Admin of this blog, opinionated is putting it mildly. NUFC fan. Follow me @farmerg13
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3 Responses to Look out for The Peoples Assembly Live Blog!

  1. Joan hewitt says:

    Great! My comment has been accepted! Does that mean I am registered for WordPress already and can post photos as well?

  2. Joan hewitt says:

    Taxi driver en route to station said he was a disillusioned communist. Greed ruled, he said. After 15 minutes of Mark and me jabbering on the People’s Assembly, he looked chirpier ( or maybe ‘cos we were getting out)

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