Why I’m going to the Peoples Assembly

What I'll be doing if I miss the train...

What I’ll be doing if I miss the train…

DISCLAIMER: The following article is the opinion of its author and does not represent the views of the People’s Assembly or of any political party

I have been unemployed since graduating from university with a 2:1 degree in Media Production this time last year. The employment situation for young people in the UK at the moment is atrocious; in the last year I have applied for Nearly 1,000 jobs (media and regular), of those 10% replied (usually negative). I’ve had the grand total of 4 interviews and obviously none of them have been successful.

The reason for this is that there are simply not enough jobs out there to go around. Apparently there are only ever 500,000 job vacancies at one time in the UK; so with the number of unemployed people hovering around 2,500,000, add to that those on the workfare program and on disability benefits, that’s close to 4,000,000 job-seekers competing for too few jobs. And because unemployment has gone up by 1,000,000 since the 2010 general election, a lot of experienced workers have entered the job market.
No matter how qualified you are, it’s hard to compete with experience when you have precious little yourself; I can’t gain experience because I can’t get a job and I can’t get a job because I have limited experience, it just goes round in circles. And you can forget about work experience placements, a recent unpaid, week long event in Edinburgh for Media graduates of 2012 attracted 2,000 applicants for 30 places; this shows that graduates are desperate for work in any form.
With this many people applying for the same jobs the employers have to delve deeper into the candidates CV’s; looking at mainly experience and location. With most media jobs in the UK being based in London & Manchester, they rarely go for people outside of these areas. I found this out when I applied for a position in Nottingham; I got called back and the first question I was asked was ‘do you live nearby?’ I answered ‘No, but I am willing to relocate immediately if I am offered the job.’ The answer I got was ‘I’m sorry but this job is only meant for applicants who live in and around Nottingham.’, I checked the advertisement, it did not state this. I am willing to go anywhere in the country for work, but I can’t afford to without a guaranteed job.
So I am forced to either apply for jobs I am overqualified for along with everyone and his dog, or go for positions I have no hope of getting as I don’t have enough experience. On top of that I have to contend with a Jobcentre service which is over complicated and bureaucratic, which instead of helping you find a job is too concerned with making sure you aren’t a scrounger; and I think many job-seekers would feel the same.



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22, Media Production Graduate (Sunderland Uni) from Hebburn, South Tyneside. North East Peoples Assembly and Coalition of Resistance Media & Communications Officer. Active in Hebburn South Labour Party. Admin of this blog, opinionated is putting it mildly. NUFC fan. Follow me @farmerg13
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