Action Points from 22 June regional meeting

Around 20 north east activists took part in a meeting 
during the national People's Assembly, in the workshop 
session where we had a opportunity to break into 
local/regional groups. Here is a summary 

1. Durham People's Assembly public meeting on Fri 12 July. 
Owen Jones is speaking. 
- Promote this in every way possible, from Facebook event 
to getting support in union branches. 
- Participation of Durham Miners Association - allowing 
us to hold it at their HQ Redhills - strengthens link 
with Miners' Gala on Sat 13th and opens door to wider 
union support. 
- Volunteers will be needed for PA stall and flyering 
at the event.
- We have PA stall at the Gala. Request for volunteers. 
- Public meeting to be followed up by developing new 
Durham PA group. 

2. Regional People's Assembly on Sat 14 Sept. 
- In addition to being a valuable event in itself, 
we envisage this being platform for big turnouts 
to 29 Sept NHS demo and local civil disobedience 
on 5 Nov
- Agreed to pursue Northern Stage as preferred venue. 
- Joan has already involved a number of writers, 
artists, actors etc. 
- Tony is looking into a number of possible national 
- Martin is approaching the new TUC regional secretary 
about speaking. 
- Diane and Joan offered to contact potential 
supporting groups. 
- Detailed planning will happen on 2 July, 6pm, 
at Brunswick Methodist Church. This meeting will be 
exclusively about 14 Sept event. 

3. National NHS demo on Sunday 29 September. 
- Martin and Simon to urgently investigate potential 
for train block booking and for co-operation with 
main unions. 
- Martin to look into getting TUC regional council 
in early July to back  the mobilization 
- There's a Facebook event page created by People's 
Assembly - North East which can be used to spread the 
- We need to start building the demo immediately; 
agreed we can get hundreds there from north east

4. Regional bedroom tax demo on Sat 27 July in Newcastle
- Agreed to build this as a priority and to support 
efforts to involve trade unions and a range of groups 
- We have booked a People's Assembly stall at the rally
- Planning meeting is on Sun 30 June, 3pm, at Star and 

5. Report back meeting in Newcastle (Brunswick Methodist 
Church, 7pm, 2 July)
- 3 people who attended in London to introduce the meeting. 
Martin, Matthew and Jerry have volunteered. 
- Promote this with a wide range of people, eg through the 
Facebook event page for it 
- At 6pm - same day, same venue - there is a short planning 
meeting for the regional Assembly 

6. Internet
- Matthew to create @NEpeoplesassembly twitter account- 
thanks to Matthew for running our official blog
- updates are posted frequently on our Facebook page 
and everyone is encouraged to 'like' this for future 

7. Fundraising 
- A number of our supporters are doing a sponsored 
Swimathon for People's Assembly.
- We will appeal for union donations to help with 14 
Sept regional event.

About farmerg13

22, Media Production Graduate (Sunderland Uni) from Hebburn, South Tyneside. North East Peoples Assembly and Coalition of Resistance Media & Communications Officer. Active in Hebburn South Labour Party. Admin of this blog, opinionated is putting it mildly. NUFC fan. Follow me @farmerg13
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