Minutes: North East Peoples Assembly Planning Meeting 17th July

Tuesday 17 July 2013, 6pm, Bar Loco


Standing room (or in this case sitting) room only!


I don't remember the guy in the mask contributing much.

I don’t remember the guy in the mask contributing much.

27 people in attendance – Chair: Tony Dowling – Minutes: Alex Snowdon

1) Reports

– Paul, Jerry and Vince reported on a hugely successful Durham People’s Assembly public meeting last Friday, attended by 230 people. It launched a Durham PA group and there are plans for a first local organising meeting.

– Matthew reported on our volunteers getting an excellent response to the People’s Assembly stall and mass flyering at Saturday’s Durham Miners’ Gala (and Owen Jones spoke in the main rally, plugging the PA).

– Mark reported on the sponsored swim he, Malcolm and Alan did for the North East People’s Assembly- they raised £168.

2) Practicalities for 14 September regional People’s Assembly

– Agreed to have sign-up sheets for local groups on 14 September. Matthew is already working on a database to help with local group development.

– There were a number of suggestions for food arrangements on 14 September. Joan, Martin and Tony will liaise with Northern Stage about this when they meet on Thursday.

– Tony to continue liaising with a sympathetic Newcastle University lecturer about potential booking of rooms at the university (which we need for workshops) in addition to Northern Stage.

3) Programme for 14 September

– Agreed to have 2 additional workshops – on education and on tactics for the movement – on top of the existing list of 6 workshop topics. There will also be 2 cultural sessions. Ed to liaise with Anti Cuts Network and Newcastle Free Education Network to organise the tactics workshop session.

– Agreed to have an evening cultural event at Northern Stage. Joan to oversee this. Simon, Julie, Theresa, Thabo and Jerry all made proposals for cultural contributions, either for evening event or during the day. Joan to liaise with them.

– Beth Farhat (Northern TUC secretary), Owen Jones and Newcastle Unison branch secretary Paul Gilroy are confirmed as speakers for plenary sessions.

– A number of ideas for speakers were put forward. These will be discussed on 30 July. Martin and Liliana emphasised importance of balance, including gender balance and involvement of young people, when putting together platforms for 14 September. Pat emphasised the need to involve young people and address issues especially relevant to them.

– Dipu, on behalf of anti-racist coalition Newcastle Unites, reaffirmed the importance of making links between People’s Assembly and Newcastle Unites. There will be a joint workshop on 14 September. Paul also spoke about the need to integrate our anti-racism into the People’s Assembly.

4) Funding of 14 September

– Peter reported that Newcastle Unite (Engineering) will donate £100 towards the event.

– Tony is meeting a senior northern region Unison representative on Thursday to discuss possible Unison funding for the event.

– No decision was taken on whether to charge extra for the evening event.

5) Publicity for 14 September

– Northern Stage will have our flyers between now and 14 Sept.

– Sat 20 July: Jonelle, Alan and Jerry to do flyering at Newcastle’s Pride event (meet at gates of Exhibition Park at noon).

– Sat 27 July: Mark to oversee flyering of Newcastle Slutwalk (anti-sexism protest) and No Bedroom Tax demo (volunteers welcome).

– Agreed that everyone should take away and distribute flyers, and that everyone should register for the event ASAP so we develop momentum in bookings.

6) Miscellaneous

– Agreed to promote the People’s Assembly Draft Declaration widely on our networks. There will be an opportunity locally to discuss amendments to this in Nov/Dec.

– Matthew to investigate possible fundraising film screenings for before or after 14 September.

7) Next meeting

– Agreed that next meeting will be Tues 30 July, 6pm, venue t.b.c.

– Tony to enquire on Thursday about using northern region Unison HQ as venue on 30 July.

– Agenda items for 30 July meeting:
1) Progress report
2) Speakers
3) Publicity drive
4) Funding
5) NHS demo on 29 Sept


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