Minutes: North East People’s Assembly – organizing meeting – Tuesday 20 August 2013

For minutes from previous meetings look here

15 people attended: Alex M, Alex S (minutes), Apostolos, Ed, Fran, Jerry, Joan, Louise, Martin, Matthew (chairing), Nick, Simon, Thabo, Tony P, Warren

Apologies: Mark, Tony D  

14 Sept: Programme

– Plenary speakers (with 1 exception – see below), workshop topics, venues and evening performers for 14 Sept are all now finalised and confirmed.
– Mark Steel will now – at his request – perform in the evening show instead of speaking in the afternoon rally.
Alex S to enquire if Caroline Lucas MP can speak in Mark Steel’s place. If not, we will get an extra local speaker.
– Kathy Taylor should be credited as UCU and Trades Councils Joint Committee.
– Howard Dickenson, chair of north east UAF, to speak in anti-racism workshop. 
Joan to invite Ladies of Midnight Blue – evening show performers – to also speak. Mark is asked to chase up the North East Refugees Service speaker.
Fran to chair NHS workshop. Tony D is asked to chase up Unison and KONP speakers.
– Speaker/facilitators of ‘Creative tactics’ workshop are Ed Whitby, Ella Thorp, Rachel Kirk and Stuart Robertson.
Jerry to ask Huffty to speak in Hardest Hit session. Current speakers for Hardest Hit session are Charles Gordon, Liam Binns, Sally (Save Newcastle Libraries) and someone Matthew is inviting who works in the benefits service. Their contributions will be 5 minutes maximum.

14 Sept: Practicalities

– Venues and food arrangements are now sorted.
 Ed to ask RMT for their marquee as a place for various stalls. Groups supportive of PA will be entitled to a stall. We will also have stalls in workshop venues, if there is a connection with the workshop topic. The issue of whether to charge for stalls is deferred until 3 Sept.
– Northern Stage has confirmed that we can sell tickets for evening show on the door.
Joan confirmed that venues are fully accessible and most have hearing loops.
Matthew reported that Sunderland Uni’s Spark TV will cover the whole day, filming the plenary sessions, 2 workshops and the show. A reporter will interview people. They will also feature it in their magazine and on Spark Radio. Video of speeches to be added to YouTube.
Matthew is preparing slide shows and video for use on the day.
– Agreed to encourage volunteers to film workshop sessions and upload to YouTube.
Matthew is liaising with Northern Stage technical team.
Simon and Matthew to work on producing the printed programme for the day prior to 3 Sept meeting, using and developing the material Alex S has already circulated to the committee.
Alex S to circulate suggestions on volunteer/stewarding arrangements to committee.

14 Sept: Promotion

– 139 tickets have been booked so far.

Media and online:
– Joan and Simon are thanked for their work on getting the Crack to have a supportive editorial and carry an ad.
Tony D, Martin and Joan elected as our media team. Agreed to push for broadcast coverage as well as print coverage.
Louise to contact Dipu about Spice FM trailing the event beforehand and covering it on the day.
Alex S to adapt Eventbrite so the line about tickets is at the top, Mark Steel is in the evening show, and Kathy’s credit is corrected.
– The following are to be sustained: 
Alex S and Matthew running twitter account, Joan, Matthew and Alex S running Facebook page,Matthew editing website, and Tony D and Mark running email lists (including sending out info – below – on future events).

– Mela festival in Exhibition Park flyering this weekend. 
Sun 25 Aug 12-3pm: Tony P and Fran to convene. Mon 26 Aug 12-3pm: Alex S and Tony D to convene.
Matthew to oversee flyering at South Tyneside festival on Sun 25 Aug.
Ed is overseeing flyering rota and emailing Tony D with details. Tony D to circulate ALL available flyering details to full email list before end of week.
Joan is flyering Whitley Bay film festival.
Alex M is doing some flyering at hospitals.
– Agreed to flyer for 29 Sept NHS demo alongside flyering for 14 Sept.
– Agreed to run a major stall in Newcastle city centre on 
Sat 7 Sept to promote the event and campaign in the issue of legal loan sharks, e.g. Wonga. Tony D is asked to follow this up. Further discussion on 3 Sept.

Publicity and networks:
– A number of people reported positively on examples of circulating the publicity on their networks.
Simon to liaise with Northern TUC about publicising it.
Simon to amend the new leaflet he has produced tomorrow and email it to committee members.
Mark is asked to sort the printing of the new leaflet.
Jerry has liaised with the English Disco Lovers about mutual promotion and will get in touch again to finalise this.
Tony D is asked to liaise with Clare W about funding for both 14 Sept and 29 Sept from PSA .
Martin to talk to Jim S about Newcastle trades council submitting a resolution supporting the event to Northern TUC executive on 4 Sept.
Martin to establish the date of the next Northern PSA steering meeting, so we can ensure our event is raised at it.

Other events

– Agreed to publicise Sat 24 Aug Mass Sleep Out in Darlington.
– Agreed to publicise South Shields anti-EDL demo on 
Sat 31 Aug. Committee to organise flyering for 14 Sept at it.
– Our next organising meeting will be on 
Thurs 3 Sept, 5.30-6.30pm, then stewards/volunteers meeting 6.30-7pm. Tony P is trying to book Unison offices for this. Alex S to create facebook event for it.
– Martin announced a major NHS rally in Durham on 
Sat 21 Sept. Agreed to support it and announce it on 14 Sept. Alex to ask Paul and Ben what Durham PA are doing around it.
Simon to obtain info on region-wide coaches for Sun 29 Sept NHS demo in Manchester and send to Tony D for circulation (not just Newcastle’s coaches). Simon to convene an informal meeting in the next 1-2 weeks for co-ordinating 29 Sept.
– Agreed to start publicizing the 
Sat 2 Nov Student Assembly Against Austerity now.

Register for the North East Peoples Assembly here


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