Tuesday 03 December, Unison Northern Region Offices

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For actions points from previous meetings visit here.


17 people in attendance, Chair-person: Tony D, Minute-takers: Mark T and Mark S


Apologies: Ed W, Thabo M, Bala, N, M. Dixon. Steve C, Jack B,


 1     Recent Events


 1.1          Fire Service cut consultation (closing date 1 January 2014)

1.1.1                NE PAAA position is ‘No Fire Service Cuts’ – support the FBU – Government austerity programme is ultimately to blame

1.1.2                Publicise as much as possible our 11 December Fire Service Cuts Cost Lives NE PAAA public meeting (see attached flyers and posters, more details below)

1.1.3                Encourage people to voice their opposition to the proposed Fire Service cuts by filling out the consultation form (


 1.2          NE PAAA at Comedy gig

1.2.1                Matthew G represented NE PAAA in the ‘ask the activist’ slot at the ‘Sod the Tory’s (and have a nice week)’ monthly show at the Stand Comedy Club


 1.3          FE and HE Strike 3 December

1.3.1                Reports and photographs to be published on the NE PAAA  and Sunderland PAAA blogs and social media


 2     Local PAAA Groups


 2.1          Berwick

2.1.1                35+ at first Berwick PAAA (primarily organised by Berwick TUC, RMT and other trade union activists)

2.1.2                Martin M representing Berwick PAAA at 7 Dec national PAAA delegates conference

2.1.3                Plan to have Berwick PAAA event in new year + leafleting sessions and other publicity to let people know there is an alternative to austerity


 2.2          Durham

2.2.1                Had a planning meeting yesterday


 2.3          South Tyneside

2.3.1                Have had several planning meetings

2.3.2                Spirit of ’45 film showing Friday 24 January, 7pm, Central Library, South Shields

2.3.3                Public meeting 26 March


 2.4          North Tyneside

2.4.1                Had a couple of planning meetings, campaign stalls/flyering sessions with more planned for the future

2.4.2                Open letter about PAAA to be uploaded onto  NE PAAA website, plans for International Womens Day (8 March)


 2.5          Newcastle

2.5.1                Martin L is convening its first meeting in January

2.5.2                12 December Peace and Solidarity Dance at the Black Swan

2.5.3                Tony to add 31 October email addresses to the Newcastle PAAA email list


 2.6          Teeside

2.6.1                Have held a number meetings

2.6.2                14 December ‘Can you afford Christmas – going to mark it with anti-austerity carol singing and fancy dress in the middle of Middlesbrough, NE PAAA to treat this as a regional event


 2.7          Sunderland

2.7.1                Held a number of public organising meetings, education and fire-strike solidarity actions, flyering sessions

2.7.2                Got a number of future events planned


 3     Priorities


 3.1          Fire Service Cuts Cost Lives

3.1.1                Publicise 11 December Fire Service Cuts Cost Lives- electronic posters and flyers available

3.1.2                Simon H to get 2000 flyers printed and distributed with assistance from Martin M and Maria N

3.1.3                Stalls and flyering sessions on Sat 7 December; North Shields (12pm with Simon H), Newcastle (12-2pm with Maria N, Tony P, Pete B)

3.1.4                Tony D  to sort out letter to the press with assistance from Martin L and Joan H

3.1.5                M Tyers and Simon H have invited all local trade unions and trade councils to this event and to publicise it to their members – particularly important that FBU rank-and-file attend the meeting

3.1.6                Speakers: Simon H has invited Dave Turner, Martin L to ask Beth Farhart, Matthew G to ask Gordon Chalk, Simon H to ask, Joan H to invite a Female fire-fighter, Matthew G to speak on behalf of NE PAAA

3.1.7                Matthew G and Simon H to sort key for the hall

3.1.8                Tony P to run PAAA stall at the meeting


 3.2          Hands off our Unions (PAAA campaign)

3.2.1                Public rally in Newcastle in February


 3.3          Spirit of ’45

3.3.1                24 January Friday 24 January, 7pm, Central Library, South Shields

3.3.2                Local groups to get in contact with Mark T if they want to borrow a copy of the film


 4     Long term Planning

4.1          Peter B to be NE PAAA rep on the Newcastle May Day 2014 committee

4.2          All other long term planning defered to next meeting


 5     National meeting 7 December

5.1          5 delegates going down as representatives of 5 local groups in the NE

5.2          Matthew G to also be NE PAAA representative and report on our activities

5.3          Delegates to recommend another national day of action against high-street shops and banks who are tax-dodging, zero-hour contracting etc.


 6     Finances

6.1          On the 1 December we had £268.32 in the bank account

6.2          Full financial report to be circulated around the NE PAAA coordinating group


 7     Next meeting

7.1          NE PAAA Coordinating group to establish date of the next meeting


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