Action Points: North East Peoples Assembly Coordinating meeting – 7th Jan 2014



Tuesday 7 January, Unison Northern Region Offices

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 For action points previous meetings, visit here.

In attendance: Matthew G, Tony D (chair-person), Martin L, Ed W, Theresa E, Phil K, Mark T (minute-taker), Alex S.


Apologies: Thabo M, Michael D, Simon H, Tony P, Fran P, Silvie F, Joan H, Mark H, Liliana G, Pete B


  1. National and Regional
    1. A discussion was had about the 7 December national meeting (see attached report) and the 2014 PAAA national action plan
    2. All present agreed our regions local PAAA groups are key to carrying out the 2014 national action plan e.g. with regards to local contributions to the 19 March Budget ‘Britain needs a pay rise’ national day of action, strike solidarity etc.
    3. Matthew G to liaise with local groups regarding sending delegates to the PAAA national recall conference on 15 March at the Emmanuel Centre, London
    4. All present agreed the NE PAAA would offer limited financial support for local group delegations to the national conference
    5. Matthew G to be nominated for the national steering group
    6. Matthew G to attend the meeting with Lorne Campbell at Northern Stage, 5pm, Wednesday 22 January
  2. Local Groups
    1. All present agreed we would continue to support and publicise local group actions which are key to carrying out the 2014 National Action Plan
    2. Martin L, Ed W and Theresa E to establish a Newcastle PAAA group
    3. All local groups are encouraged to:
      1. Build links with local Trade Councils and Trade Unions
      2. Hold a broad, coalition-based public meeting before the 15 March
      3. Send a delegation to the 15 March National Re-Call Conference
      4. Organise a 19 March budget day action
      5. Fund raise and set-up a bank-account


  1. Finances
    1. Mark T reported that on 1 January we had £462.32 in the bank account
  2. Any other business
    1. Phil K and Theresa E spoke about Artists for Change and its plans to organise a day-event featuring workshops, skill sharing and evening entertainment
    2. All present agreed to support and publicise the Artists for Change planning meeting- Wed 29 January, 7pm, Byker Community Centre


  1. Next meeting
    1. NE PAAA Coordinating group to establish date of the next meeting

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