Action Points: North East People’s Assembly Meeting, 19th March 2014

GetAttachment (1)See action points from previous meetings here.

1. We heard reports from Saturday’s national conference and will implement the decisions and action plan agreed nationally. This includes the 21 June national demo as a high-priority mobilisation. We also heard reports from representatives of several local PA groups in our region about recent public meetings, protests and other activities.

2. We will support and publicise events and actions organised by local People’s Assembly groups in our region, including North Tyneside’s campaign stall this Saturday and South Tyneside’s public meeting lined up for 15 April.

3. Martin will pass on details of Fair Pay Fortnight, organised by the TUC, to Tony D for circulation on our supporters’ email list. We agreed to support and publicise these events, from 21 March to 5 April, across the region, and we encourage all local PA groups to get actively involved.

4. We agreed to support and publicise 2 major NUT events next week: the Question Time public event on Mon 24 March (Centre for Life) and the rally, at the Monument, on strike day (26 March, midday). We agreed to organise People’s Assembly stalls/flyering at both events – please contact Tony D urgently if you can help on either occasion.

5. We are asking local PA groups to discuss actions against the bedroom tax on 5 April, the national day of action backed by the People’s Assembly, and to liaise with other campaigners and groups to ensure protests are credible and broad-based. Tony D is liaising with Unite Community and he agreed to contact Durham People’s Assembly about a likely Durham action on 5 April.

6.  We agreed to mobilise for Newcastle’s May Day march and rally on Sat 3 May, ensuring it becomes a powerful anti-cuts demonstration. People’s Assembly national secretary Sam Fairbairn will be one of the speakers. We agreed to pay £60 for an advert in the programme and to have a campaign stall.

7. We agreed to delegate Tony D to book an initial coach from Newcastle to London on 21 June for the People’s Assembly national demonstration, and to immediately start mobilising for the demo as a priority. We are asking local groups to urgently discuss how they can build a successful demo mobilisation. Building for the demo will also be a major item at our next regional meeting. Flyers were distributed at the meeting, and everyone is encouraged to take flyers away and start promoting the demo.

8. Tony P and Joan will follow up the issue of practical solidarity with Care UK strikers, and feed back to the Co ordinating Group email list. The mooted solidarity action tomorrow won’t go ahead, due to very short notice, but Tony P and Joan to look into what we can do to actively support the strikers.

9. Although there isn’t local transport, supporters of North East People’s Assembly are encouraged to attend the national anti-racist demonstration in London this Saturday. If you are interested in helping organise against an EDL rally locally, please contact Simon for info. We also noted that an anti-Ukip protest is being organised for the Sage on 23 April.

10. It was noted that a financial report has been circulated to the Co Ordinating Group email list; thank you to Mark and Peter for this.

11. The planning meeting was immediately followed by a well-attended People’s Assembly public meeting in the same venue, linked to budget day.

12. We deferred a number of items to either the Co Ordinating Group email list or the next meeting:
– the date of the next meeting (Tony to consult via email)
– any decisions relating to the bank account (Mark and Peter to consult via email)
– fundraising ideas (item for next meeting)
– planning for the 2nd NE People’s Assembly on 1 November (Joan to organise a working group meeting ASAP)


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