Action Points: North East People’s Assembly Planning Meeting Wednesday 21st May

North East People’s Assembly Planning Meeting

7pm, Wednesday 21st May, Brunswick Methodist Church

Action Points

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In Attendance: Tony D (Chair), Peter B, Mark H, Alex S, Matthew G, Ed W, Joan H, Mollie S, Robert W

Apologies: Martin L, Simon H, Sanita C


See Action Points from previous meetings here


1 Reports:

Tyne & Wear May Day – Went well, concerns about frequency of speakers.

South Tyneside May Day – Good turnout and interest in STPA

Newcastle Anti-EDL Demo – Less EDL, good numbers and broad turnout, concern over choice of Leazes Park as EDL rally location (public park)

North Tyneside Question Time – Good publicity, positive experience, Chair commended, PA made credible because of it, prospect for more of the same. Next time confirm follow up meeting, create more debate on the floor. Concern over all white male panel. Make a rule that no standing candidates can ask questions from the floor.

2. Northern TUC meeting – Saturday 24th May

NEPA rep (Tony D) invited to meeting (Tony D to confirm venue)


3. KONP/Red Labour public meeting – 11th June

Matthew to ask for NEPA stall & possibly a speaker spot.


4. Surestart Campaign (Ed)

Ed provided useful info on surestart campaign. To send info/petition to email list.

5 minute slot for speaker on June 5th meeting


5. June 5th Public Meeting

Beth Farhat (Northern TUC)

Joe Adams (or someone else from 999 NHS)

Sarah Lake (NUT)

Surestart speaker

Tony D (NEPA)

Encouraged to share on Social Networks/Local Groups


6. June 21st National Demo

All present encouraged to book seats.

£100 donation from Unite Tyneside Engineering and £100 from PCS, Sunderland Unite & UCU also to make donations.

Possible PCS, Unison & NUT coordinated strike action in late July.


7. National Meeting Report (Alex S)

Coordinated stalls with NUT in Newcastle & Sunderland

16th Aug 999 NHS march on London (Jarrow – Chester-Lee-Street) all encouraged to sign up

Possible coordinated strike action on 10th July

12th July Durham Miners Gala

23rd October – National TUC Demo

1St Nov – NEPA Regional Conference/Evening event

Agreed for no membership, optional standing


8. Nov 1st Working Group Report

See Action points from that meeting:


9. Fundraising & Finance

Local groups encouraged to raise funds


10. AOB

Suggestion to hold more meetings in community centre, concerns about the activity of Newcastle PA


Next meeting: Wednesday 25th June, Venue TBC


You can get more information on and how to book a seat on our coaches to the June 21st National Demonstration here:  Newcastle/Durham South Shields/Sunderland/Teesside



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