Action Points – North East Peoples Assembly Planning Meeting – 25th June

North East People’s Assembly planning meeting – Wednesday 25 June, 6pm, Quilliams in Newcastle 

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Attending: Alex, Clare, Geoff, Glenn, Jake, Jon, Marie, Mollie, Norma, Peter, Ron, Sunita, Tony

Apologies: Dick, Joan, Mark H, Mark T, Martin, Matthew, Rehana

1) Lots of people contributed feedback on the national demo, which was viewed as an important event for our movement and an inspiring occasion. Lots of very positive experiences and a strong feeling that as well as being a valuable demo it had built links between people and strengthened our networks (not just the demo but the coaches there and back). It feeds into local activities and movement building. There was praise for Rehana’s speech and enthusiasm for the March for the NHS as a key way of following up Saturday’s demo.

2) We agreed to support and promote the public meeting organised by North Tyneside People’s Assembly on Monday 7 July. It is called Striking Back and has a range of union speakers, to promote solidarity for the 10 July strikes.

3) Tony to organise volunteers to do flyering at any strike rally on Thursday 10 July, focusing on flyers for our big NE People’s Assembly.

4) Tony to liaise with Teesside PA about flyering and running the stall at the Durham Miners’ Gala on Saturday 12 July. Marie can also help. Geoff to enquire about who in Sunderland PA can help with the stall. The focus will be on distributing flyers for our big NE People’s Assembly.

5) Jon to oversee flyering at Newcastle’s Pride on Saturday 19 July. Tony to put out a request for volunteers. The focus will be on distributing flyers for our big NE People’s Assembly.

6) Matthew is delegated to oversee organising a joint rally/social, together with 999 Call for the NHS, in Jarrow on Friday 15 August. This is to launch the Jarrow-to-Westminster March for the NHS. We agreed it has the potential for considerable media coverage as well as a good turnout. Matthew and Mark T are delegated to oversee a joint People’s Assembly/999 Call for the NHS stall on Saturday 5 July, the 66th anniversary of the founding of the NHS, which we will promote on our networks.

7) We agreed to back the local mobilisation, by Newcastle Stop the War, to the demonstration at Nato summit in Newport, Wales, on Saturday 30 August.

8) We deferred any decision on transport to the demo at Ukip conference in Doncaster (on Saturday 27 September) and the demo at Tory conference in Birmingham (on Sunday 28 September) to our next meeting. Before then we will contact other groups and trade unions about possible co-operation. Mark T is asked to lead on this.

9) For the TUC national demo on Saturday 18 October, Tony will request to Beth Farhat that Northern TUC ensures that some train seats are allocated to non-union members. The suggestion is that NE People’s Assembly will promote this mobilisation and co-ordinate filling those seats. Individual unions would then be asked to subsidise some of the seats to support people attending. Plan B is to jointly organise coaches with Unite Community – Peter to look into this.

10)  There was extensive discussion of the NE People’s Assembly on Saturday 1 November, to be held at and around Northern Stage in Newcastle, including a report by Alex from the working group on progress with organising it. Many speakers have now confirmed they will contribute and there is a programme of workshops, plus progress on arranging performers for the evening show.

It was agreed that the working group should look into different catering arrangements as a priority issue. It was agreed we should investigate 3 avenues for booking rooms for workshops: Newcastle Uni Student Union, Newcastle Uni lecture theatres and Newcastle Civic Centre. It was agreed we should consider possible creative workshops and how we can involve children.

There was a discussion about when the evening show should start, which considered the pros and cons of 3 different start times: 6.30pm, 7pm and 7.30pm. This was followed by a unanimous and binding vote for 6.30pm as the start time.

11) Finance. We raised £170 for Tyneside Safety Glass strikers on the coaches on Saturday. Gateshead NUT has just agreed to donate £100 to NE People’s Assembly. Peter to liaise with Mark T about union donations for 21 June demo, making sure they all come in as promised. Everyone is asked to consider fundraising ideas for discussion at the next meeting. We agreed to make a huge push for getting monthly standing orders on Saturday 1 November.

12) The next planning meeting will be on Thursday 17 July, provisionally at 6pm. Tony to book a venue. The NE People’s Assembly on 1 November will be the main agenda item.


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