Action Points: North East People’s Assembly Planning Meeting, Thursday 14th August

North East People’s Assembly 

Planning Meeting

Thursday 14th August, 5:30pm, Northern Stage Bar


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For action points from previous meetings, click here

Present: Alex S, Matthew G, Mark H, Fran P, Tony P, Joan H & Tony D

– Tony D and Tony P are overseeing 1 Nov flyering at NHS March on Saturday. (I assume Tony D is also taking the banner, though this wasn’t discussed). Tony P is walking at least 2 days of the March.
– We assume Teesside PA will have a speaker at the Darlington NHS meeting on Monday, and leave it to them.
– Sunderland are considering a minibus to London for the final part of NHS March on 6 Sept. We will support and promote if this, or anything similar, happens.
– Tony D is reminded to promote the mobilisation to the NATO demo on 30 Aug on our email lists, as it is supported by People’s Assembly nationally and regionally.
– We will NOT be organising transport for either the Sat 27 Sept Ukip conference demo or Sun 28 Sept Tory conference demo, as they are regional protests, not priorities for us, and unaffordable. If other organisations put on transport, we will support and promote.
– We will be putting on 1 coach from Newcastle for the 18 October TUC demo. Tony to book a coach and take responsibility for bookings. We expect to lose money on this, which highlights the need for fundraising. Tony will look into possibility of co-operation with Unite, esp Unite Community, on the coach.
– We will launch a major fundraising appeal, due to currently being in debt and the further costs which are ahead of us. Mark T is asked to circulate his draft appeal to a number of others – this must NOT be circulated publicly without being looked at by other activists. We will request personal donations in this appeal. We are also asking Mark T and Peter B to oversee getting union donations.
– We will NOT be organising any fundraising events between now and 1 November. Our focus as activists is on building 18 Oct demo and especially the 1 Nov regional assembly. Our focus for fundraising is seeking individual and union donations through the appeal.
– Alex is delegated from NEPA to the national meeting on Sat 13 Sept. Joan (N Tyneside), Matthew (S Tyneside) and Mark T (Sunderland) are also known to be going.
– Joan is looking into booking Quilliams for Tues 16 Sept. This will be a major NEPA planning meeting which all activists are urged to attend. The main focus will be an action plan for promoting the 1 Nov event. It will include feedback from the national meeting.
– There was some discussion about the campaign against Joan Rivers coming to Newcastle, though this is outside NEPA’s remit so no decisions were taken.


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