Action Points: North East People’s Assembly Planning Meeting, 5:30pm, Tuesday 13th January, Qulliams Tea House, Newcastle

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New North East PA Logo

1) Discussion of priorities between now and the general election

2) People’s Question Time

3) NHS: i) strike ii) 999 campaign day of action

4) Local anti-cuts protests i) Gateshead Stop the Cuts 7th Feb ii) Newcastle March for Homeless 15th April

5) National PA events: i) Student Assembly ii) Women’s Assembly iii) National Assembly

6) NEPA15 proposal
7) Proposal for discussion of election and political parties
 8) Finance/fundraising
 9) Website revamp proposal
10) Security issues
11) AOB

Present: Tony D, Theresa E, Matthew G, Alex S, Fran P, Tony P, Martin L, Ron B, Maria N, Rowan O, Mark T

Apologies: Joan H, Hannah, Mollie S, Steve, Carla K, Terry W


Cuts will continue, realistically, after the election.

Unity to be stressed.

Combining local events with the national movement is vital.

Events abroad (Greece) might affect UK politics and the economy.

Current affairs (Paris shootings) and the ensuing racist backlash affect British politics, so we must not ignore those issues.

Liaise with affiliated TUs (who are limited as to how they conduct campaigns), so we can campaign with each other’s support.

2) PAQT on 5th Feb

3 of 5 panelists confirmed: Christine Blower, James Meadway, Shirley Ford

This event is going to be – “unashamedly” – an anti-austerity event. Further events (hustings) to be planned for nearer the election date.

We might need the National Office’s help to recruit a nationally known speaker. This could be a national union official or Labour MP.

TU and Labour representation on the panel was discussed.

Chairing: Tony D or Mollie S.

Cris McCurley discussed as possible panelist.

Rufus Hound: waiting for reply.

Event to mirror the London PA / BBC QT events.

Technicalities of how to submit the questions were discussed. This max 90-minute event will mean that we won’t be able to deal with more than 5 to 6 questions.

Alex and Matthew volunteered to select the questions which we encourage people to submit in advance and when they arrive.

Stewards: Maria, Rowan, Ron, Hannah, Martin. Stewards to meet at 6:00pm for 7:00pm event start.

Publicity: 26 of 200 tickets sold. Invite friends and family directly. Flyers and posters have been ordered, so now we need volunteers for flyering. The FB event banner can now be used in combination with portraits of panelists.

Tickets are £4/£3.

Tickets are sold through eventbrite, but anyone can make physical tickets and sell them on.

Local PA convenors to be contacted re 5 February event (Tony D, via Facebook)

Matthew in touch with local press for write-up after the event. Matthew to clarify if press would be able to advertise the event beforehand. If not, Tony D to write press release.

Alex to email eventbrite contacts.

3) NHS

Local PAs should get in touch with NHS activists for 14 Feb actions

Strike dates: 29 Jan and 25 Feb


Gateshead event announced. 200 flyers to be distributed at our QT event.

Newcastle ‘march for homeless’ event announced. Maria in touch with City Council over legalities and charities. Maria to get in touch with NEPAL re organising this event.

Unity Festival (23 May), supported by NEPA. We can put up a stall and officially represent NEPA.


31 January Student Assembly

Women’s Assembly cancelled

National Assembly 28 February: Tony to contact local PAs.

6) NEPA15 all-day event

2nd half of Sep or 1st half of October for daytime event on big scale

Separate fundraising cultural event to be organised (agreed in December meeting, reaffirmed tonight, to be discussed for 3rd time in Feb meeting).

Separate culture event will raise money. It may also result in better attendance.


Simon H co-opted to re-join the coordinating group.

8) Finance

Brief report given by Mark T.

PayPal setup had been agreed, but only 3 people have subscribed via standing order (£3 per month typically).

Printed forms to be prepared for QT event (Mark T).

We need to appeal to more people to donate to NEPA. Existing members should set up SOs asap.

9) Website

Matthew to move contents to a section of National website. This is also where minutes will be posted.


Security issues: EDL presence at recent left-wing meetings in Newcastle and Teesside means we need stewards for our QT event. Stewards to liaise with venue staff and (if necessary) police. In case of disruption, we will continue with the event regardless.


Future meetings: every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Tony to book a room for 7pm start on Tues 10 Feb.


12 Feb: Sunderland PA fundraising event with Ron Brown and the Mayday Band.END OF MEETING


Please consider donating to or setting up a standing order with North East Peoples Assembly here.


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