Join Your Local Peoples Assembly!

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‘We need a People’s Assembly in every street!’ Owen Jones

The North East People’s Assembly is the regional body of the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, but we also have local People’s Assembly groups all around the North East.

We need you all to get in contact with activists in your area of the region and the best way to do this is here. Local groups are indepenent and make decisions/campaign on issues that effect thier local communities. The regional body provides support and all local groups can send representatives to regional meetings.

Contact your local Peoples Assembly Organizer here. If you don’t see your area, why not set up your own group? Email for more info.

See when your next local event is here.

Haven’t signed up yet? Do it below:

STEP 1: Fill in the form below. We need your name, postcode and your email address; the other questions aren’t compulsory but the more information you provide, the more we can help you to connect with those with similar interests. We need EVERYONE to register, from those who have been in it from the start to those who have just found us. We need to know where you are so we can grow the movement!

STEP 2: Your details will be added to the regional Peoples Assembly database, this database will be kept safe, offline and private. We will then send your details to your local nominated Peoples Assembly organizer.  No third parties will be sent any of this data.

STEP 3: Your local organizer will then contact you and arrange meetings in your local area. We will also be setting up groups for people with similar aims and people who are involved in similar campaigns.


Thanks and I look forward to networking with you all in the near future,

Matthew Giles – Media & Communications Officer – Peoples Assembly North East


2 Responses to Join Your Local Peoples Assembly!

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  2. Good luck with developing and growing this. As a Geordie living in East Anglia I don’t believe I am eligible to join but I support your intentions and motivations absolutely. It’s time for people to join together and voice their concerns. Devolution of power has to be the way forward!

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