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A landmark event happened at the Northern Stage in Newcastle on Saturday 14th September. The North East Peoples Assembly was the largest gathering on the left in the North East since the Miner’s Strike. It included two plenaries with speakers from nearly every major trade union, plus campaign groups, anti-austerity economists Peoples Assembly founder Owen Jones.

No fewer than ten workshops took place at the full day event, which was just £6 per ticket, these included session dedicated to saving the NHS, opposing the bedroom tax and campaigning against racism. There were also practical workshop dealing with the hardest hit by the cuts.

The day was rounded off with a variety show which included comedians, poets, plays and music from the best the North East has to offer. Opera singer Dawn Furness expressed her views on local arts cuts, an address specially created for the event was written by playwright Lee Hall and read out on stage by actor Joe Caffrey. The event attracted over 500 people and the evening event was a first for the Peoples Assembly movement and will be a hard act to follow in other areas. Here is a review of the evening entertainment by Gigglebeats.

Take a look at these pictures

IMG_4160IMG_4167IMG_4220 IMG_4241 IMG_4279IMG_4267IMG_4352IMG_4364IMG_4395IMG_4392IMG_4444IMG_4453IMG_4466IMG_4485IMG_4490IMG_4510IMG_4512IMG_4522IMG_4543IMG_4552IMG_4697IMG_4658IMG_4724IMG_4748IMG_4804IMG_4910IMG_5066IMG_5202IMG_5265IMG_5416IMG_5553IMG_5578IMG_5644IMG_5697


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