Action Points: North East People’s Assembly Meeting, 11th November, Quilliams Tea House, Newcastle

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Attending: Alex S, Hannah S, Matthew G, Mark T, John G, Tony P, Martin L, Rose C, Simon H, Joan H, Georgina S, Richard, Glen R, Emma C

Apologies: Mollie S, Steve C, Carla K, Tony D, Fran (late), Ron B

1. Nov 1st debrief 

Finances – Ticket Sales = £1,700 (minus £300 tax) (including over 200 sold by 3 sellers) £500 from Collections on the day, Trade Union donations = £600 (maybe more to come). Total Income = £2,700, Total Expenditure £3,200. Current balance = minus £500.
Everyone (including local groups) encouraged to push Fundraising Appeal.

Edit: Current balance now at -£183.26 after revisions.

Possibility of setting up local appeals for local groups with bank accounts.

General Feedback –

Matthew to create a wider ranging questionnaire to add to Joan’s survey specifically about the evening show

2. Future Events
Wed 19th Nov – South Tyneside PA AGM, location TBC, 6:30pm.

Wed 19th Nov – Newcastle PA meeting, TUC Centre Agianst Unemployment, Cloth Market, 7:30pm

Fri 21st-23rd Nov – Occupy Democracy demo in Newcastle? Deferred to a later date (Occupy London to announce future dates, could latch onto that).

Tue 25th Nov – Teesside PA meeting, St Marys Centre, Middlesbrough, 7:15pm

Mon 24th Nov – NHS Strike (7am-11am) Social media ‘blitz’ in the run up to it. Contact Unions to find out best time to turn up to picket lines.

Wed Dec 2nd/3rd – Autumn Statement day of action – National PA doing something on eve (2nd). Dec 3rd agreed as the date. Working group of Matthew G, Tony P, Geogrina S & Simon H. Local groups encouraged to do something.

3. AOB

Who are you voting for? Deferred to next meeting.

Question Time events. Thurs 22nd or 29th. Agreed to pursue Newcastle event. Centre for Life suggested. John G & Mark T to help to Alex S arrange.

Tony D relations with Trade Unions proposal to be differed to next meeting.

Emma C offered to create memes/infographics & help with website.

Tony D, Emma C & Hannah S to set up Gateshead Local Group.

Next Meeting: Tues 9th Dec, 7pm. Tony D & Matthew G to find venue.


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